Goshen Municipal Airport

Randy Sharkey, Airport Manager

Goshen Municipal Airport
17229 CR 42
Goshen, IN 46526


In April 1924, the Post Office Department leased 20 acres of land, three and one-half miles southeast of Goshen, Indiana, along County Road 40 to use as an airmail emergency landing field.

In 1928, the Department of Commerce began installation of the first seven radio ranges for navigation. One of these installations was located west of Goshen,  just south of Model School. It was put into operation on August 1, 1929.

With the termination of the Post Office Department in 1929, the American Legion announced on April 5, 1929 that they would finance the airport for one year. At the end of one year, the City of Goshen would assume the lease. The field was  named "Goshen Municipal Airport."  

In August of 1931, the Department of Commerce announced that radio-telephone (voice) communication equipment would be installed at Goshen Airport. It would become operational in February of 1932.

A four-member Board of Aviation Commissioners was established on February 4, 1957 by ordinance 1397. The members were appointed by the Mayor with not more than two (2) members being of the same political party.  This made the City eligible for federal funds to improve the airport. In July of 1958, a South Bend engineering firm was hired to survey local airport needs. A three-stage expansion plan was recommended at a cost of $500,000. The first phase of the plan was a 3,200 foot east-west lighted runway with a parallel taxiway.

On November 17, 1960, the BOAC witnessed the first take-off from the new runway. The next summer lights were installed along the runway and were turned on October 3, 1961. Senator Homer Capehart dedicated the new runway. 

In 1990, a 5,000 ft. runway was reconstructed and completed in early 1991. In 1992, an extension to the parallel taxiway for Runway 09 was completed, making the taxiway 5,000 total feet to match the runway.

In 1998, the old 1500 square foot terminal building was removed and a new 5000 square foot terminal was constructed. Completion of the project and the dedication occurred in June 1999. The new terminal was possible due to Build Indiana Funds.  

In 2007, with help from federal funds, the BOAC was able to extend the 5,000-foot runway by another 1,000 feet west. This extension provides safer landings and takeoffs.

In 2005, a resolution, passed by the City Council, allowed the Board of Commissioners to expand to five (5) members.

The Goshen Municipal Airport is one of the City's best silent salesmen. It presents a great image and is a fantastic gateway to our community.

Board of Aviation Commissioners

Denny Richmond, President
Galen Miller, Vice-President
Jim Welz, Secretary
Patty Morgan, Treasurer
Paris Ball-Miller, Member


1:00 pm
Third Monday of each month
Goshen Municipal Airport
17229 CR 42


  • 6000' by 100' Runway 9/27
  • Full ILS/Localizer (108.3) Runway 27
  • Radar Services by South Bend Approach or Chicago Center
  • ASOS (126-.475Mhz.) on the field (574-642-4231)
  • Clearance delivery (125.050Mhz.) on the field
  • Unicom (123.050Mhz.) attended during business hours

Terminal Facilities/Field Facilities:

  • Meeting/conference rooms
  • Pilot lounge with private showers, television, and quiet room
  • DUAT and computer weather
  • Crew car
  • Overnight hardsurface parking or hanger
  • Rental cars on site
  • After-hour services by prior arrangement or call-out upon arrival
  • Piston and turbine maintenance
  • Flight training and aircraft rental 
  • Flight simulator
  • Full Fuel and line services (100LL, Jet-A, APU, coffee, ICE, USA Today, Community newspaper)

Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964:

"No person in the United States shall, on the ground of race, color, or national origin, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance."
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